Reimbursement of wound dressings on the RPBS

Context: The Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (RPBS) is a government-funded reimbursement scheme for Veterans’ Affairs patients.  The medical supplier wanted to make use of this reimbursement channel because a) no other formal reimbursement channels for these woundcare products existed and b) the demographics of RPBS beneficiaries matched their product range.  The range of wound dressings reimbursed by the RPBS was extremely limited at the time.
Actions: A detailed reimbursement submission was prepared, based on RPBS submission guidelines, covering a wide range of wound dressings. I partnered with representatives of the medical company to personally present the submission to RPBS decision-makers, in conjunction with an education session on woundcare.
Outcome: A successful outcome was negotiated with the majority of products being listed on the RPBS, boosting sales to Veterans’ Affairs patients. The process helped to open up new reimbursement categories for wound dressings on the RPBS.

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